Focus on precision gear processing and customization, and give back to customers with high quality
Advanced scientific and technological production, perfect quality management, and meet the needs of high-precision, high-speed and long-life applications
Professional gear manufacturing pays more attention to efficiency and quality
Standardized production process, focusing on gear production, high precision, high efficiency, and the fastest three days to mold
Years of gear manufacturing experience, professional gear processing, customized according to drawings
Wholesale supply from the source manufacturers, affordable customization, good quality and low price, and the products sell well all over the country
01. Drawings and samples
Customers' drawings and samples can be non-standard customized, and together provide the industry's perfect gear transmission solutions
02. Review quotation
After the engineering personnel approve the drawing scheme, the salesman will follow up the price quotation
03. Processing proofing
Gear processing proofing test verification customer confirmation
04. Volume production
The products shall be packaged and shipped after passing the batch production, processing and testing of samples

Ningbo Fenghua Kedi Plastic Gear Co., Ltd
About us
The company has advanced cad/cam/cae equipment manufacturing process. In terms of mold equipment, the company has introduced Japanese Sodick slow wire walking, Sodick spiral mirror discharge motor, Taiwan 21000 turn CNC high-speed milling, Taiwan micron grinder and other equipment to ensure the quality of the mold. In terms of production equipment, the company also adopts high-precision Toshiba all electric ENA series injection molding machines, which provides an effective guarantee for the accuracy of gears. In terms of testing equipment, the company has introduced the first gmc260 gear measuring center to effectively ensure the testing of gears, and can measure various tooth shapes such as spur gears, helical gears, ring gears, worms, hobs, bevel gears, etc. The triple guarantee allows customers' products to be free from aftercare...
Established in 2003
Established in 2003, our years of industry experience enable us to deliver products that are more satisfactory to customers
Excellent enterprise of Ningbo gear company
Recently, the number of excellent enterprises recommended and supported by Ningbo gear company has reached 8510 times
Professional gear manufacturing quality assurance
Product quality is always our goal, and we strive for excellence in gear manufacturing
High precision open die manufacturing
High precision open mold manufacturing professional customized manufacturing equipment to improve efficiency under the condition of ensuring product quality
Technical environment
The company has a strict quality system control system and has passed the iatf16949 quality system certification, laying the foundation for the production of precision and high-quality products
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